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Diana Rogers is a well known kirtan singer from San Francisco, CA. She has recorded two music CDs, featuring both popular kirtan tunes, complete with the call and response form, as well as devotional bhajans, or songs to the Divine. Diana Rogers is a devotee and follows in the tradition of Sri 1008 Neem Karoli Baba and Sri Siddhi Ma.

Her debut solo album, Unveiled, features Hindu devotional chanting with world music instrumentation. Her recordings also include: Swaha, w/ Amazing Grace, Chord of Love w/ Amazing Grace (Jai Uttal, Ram Dass, and Krishna Das)-Triloka Records, One Track Heart w/ Krishna Das-Triloka Records, and Women's Yoga Chants (Gaiam),Planet Yoga (Triloka-Karuna Records), Greatest Hits of the Kali Yuga w/ Krishna Das (Triloka-Karuna Records), and  Meditations on the Gita w/ Krishna Das (Triloka-Karuna Records).

Album: Unveiled

Sri Ram

Raghupati Raghava

Sri Guru Charanon

Namah Shivaya

Sita Ram

Jai Bhagavan

Black Is the Color

Hare Krishna

Album: Love Reigns

Jai Radha Madhava

Om Narayani

He Mata Durga

Jaya Radha

Jai Ambe

Jai Jagadambe

Sri Ram

Om Shanti

Listen to Love Reigns:

Listen to Unveiled

Diana Rogers sings with the angels of love and Bhakti. Her voice brings me to my heart. It was an honor to play on her beautiful album, ‘Love Reigns.’
Diana Rogers has the soul of a gospel singer and the voice of a goddess.
Having performed with such contemporary kirtan innovators as Krishna Das and Jai Uttal, Rogers proves to be one of the most compelling lead singers in the field.
Diana has a voice that comes raining down with love from Heaven, and has the power to bring us Home.

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